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“What’s the Best Water Temperature for My Spa?”

Spas provide an excellent method for relaxation.  Although, The Spa Guy recommends following general safety rules.

One of the most important rules regards maintaining the proper temperature of the water in your spa, and The Spa Guy always recommends a thermometer for your spa to avoid temperature levels that can be potentially dangerous to individuals using the spa.

The Spa Guy insists the temperature of the water in your spa never exceed 104° degrees Fahrenheit, (40° degrees Celsius).  Being immersed in water above 104° degrees Fahrenheit, (particularly for an extended period of time), can result in serious heat-related health issues.

Another consideration to bear in mind regarding the water temperature in your spa pertains to children.  Since children don’t adapt to heat as well as adults, if children are going to be in the spa the water temperature should be lowered to 102° degrees Fahrenheit to keep them safe.

As a general rule, The Spa Guy strongly recommends that pregnant women consult their physician before using a spa to ensure the safety of their fetus.  If a pregnant woman chooses to ignore The Spa Guy’s recommendations and doctor’s orders and use a spa anyway, the water temperature should not exceed 100° degrees Fahrenheit, and she should limit her time in the spa to a maximum of 10 minutes.

Pregnant women, take it from The Spa Guy and the advice of obstetricians by playing it cool and staying out of spas for the duration of your pregnancy.


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