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“Choosing the Best Spa for Your Needs”

The Spa Guy is frequently asked, “What’s the best spa for me?”

That depends on a number of things.

First, ask yourself the following questions.

Why are you purchasing a spa?  Is the spa going to be used more for recreation, or is the purchase for therapeutic reasons?  If the answer is for therapeutic reasons the more jets the spa has, the better.

The next step in qualifying yourself for what spa to purchase regards how much space do you have in the area where you are planning to install it.  If installing the spa inside,  (which The Spa Guy does not recommend), you will be limited to the size of the opening.  When installing a spa outside you are limited only by the amount of area you have where the spa will sit.

In addition, it is often easier to consider how many people will usually be using the spa at the same time.  Spas are generally marketed as six, seven, or eight-foot models.

Another thing to think about is if you want a spa with a lounger in it.  The lounger is the seat where you can lie down.  The disadvantage of a lounger is it takes up a lot of space inside the spa.  The space can be used to provide seating for two people.  However, if your motivation for buying a spa is for therapeutic purposes to help reduce chronic back pain, The Spa Guy suggests you keep that in mind, as the trade off in seating may be well worth it for you and your aching back.

The final thing to consider is your budget.  Some features can be eliminated to bring a spa into your price range, while others should not be skipped.  Options like Sound Systems and TV’s are rarely advised by The Spa Guy.  Other options like external lighting and stainless steel jets, while nice, do not effect the performance of a spa.

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