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Thank You



Many thanks to all the people who have worked so hard in getting this program up and running…  For a while it seemed it wasn’t meant to be. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados, Forest Fires in the Dismal Swamp, and a series of 3 funerals have all caused numerous hardships and delays. Thanks to our dedicated staff of highly trained professionals, we have worked through all the hardship. Due to anonymity I can’t mention names, but they know who they are and Thanks.

The last delay was the funeral of my friend of 33 years. It saddens me deeply, but at the same time makes me very angry. He killed himself last Saturday. Seems it all stemmed from financial difficulties (IRS,) caused by misinformation given by paid experts in the field of estate planning and tax code. People who take money give advice but have no cares or responsibility for any actions taken as a result of their so-called expertise.   Although I realize they cannot be held responsible for my friends overreaction to the situation, their lack of effort and concern for due diligence certainly heavily contributed. It just doesn’t seem right and possibly could have easily been prevented by better information, or at least the absence of miss information.

Smack in the middle of the informative age, my biggest concern is sifting through the misinformation or spin that is easily put out there with selfish reasons with no concern for others.

Through Spa Guy I vow to try to the best of my ability to answer your questions honestly, professionally and sincerely helping in any way I can by sharing the 40 years of experience I have gathered by spending my life in this industry. I will try to squelch the rumors and clear up the spin as well as honor your concerns and fears of either owning or purchasing a product in this day and age.

Although sponsor commitment and products will help us offset costs, all products and relationships are thoroughly reviewed for price quality and customer service.  All venders are and will be held to the highest levels of ethics and standards.


The Spa Guy

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